Lunch #2: SC Low Country Coastal Conservation




Pictured above (left to right) are Ned Brown (Author), Jennifer Davis (Owner/Broker of Domicile Real Estate in Charleston), and Dana Beach (Executive Director, Coastal Conservation League of South Carolina).

 Dana Beach is profiled in our forthcoming book (to be released Fall 2016), Charleston, A Good Life, which I am co-authoring with photographer, Ben Gately Williams. We selected Dana for his remarkable three decades of work protecting the Low Country coastline. When Dana arrived in Charleston in the mid-1980’s, only 300,000 acres were permanently protected– almost all publicly owned.; today, over 1.2 million acres have been secured, more than half with perpetual conservation easements. And, Dana says that he and his conservation partners are just getting started; their goal is to protect another four million acres from development just behind the coastline. The Conservation League’s latest initiative, Growfood Carolina, focuses on assisting and preserving small, independently-owned farms providing fresh, local produce to Charleston’s nationally acclaimed restaurants. Dana also writes a very informative e-mail newsletter every couple of weeks on all matters related to protecting what’s special about Charleston. I am sure he would be happy to add you to the list if you e-mail him at

Jennifer Davis I only knew by her excellent reputation, and she is on the Board of Coastal Conservation. We met for the first time over lunch at SNOB. She didn’t know it, but I was immediately smitten, because her profile reminded me of the first teenage girl I had a crush on, Candice Bergen; she was stunning at seventeen, and I was a scrawny eleven year old.  Jennifer Davis I found smart, self-assured and great company. Growing up in Camden, South Carolina, where her father trained steeplechase horses. Boarding school at Foxcroft (more horses), and college at Boston University and the New School in NYC. What I really liked was her early career job as an events coordinator for the New York Racing Association (even more horses). Who wouldn’t like a job where you can party at Belmont Park, with August at the track in Saratoga, and get paid?

Eventually, career and family (mother of four) brought her to Beaufort, where she bought and restored over twenty historical homes. Starting Domicile, she wanted her own firm that could broker both commercial and residential real estate. She also tapped into a Charleston market that wants to “soft sell” and not publicly list their homes- a very common practice with high end real estate brokers in NYC like Alice Mason and Edward Lee Cave. Jennifer has also developed a clientele that is considering Charleston real estate for investment purposes.

It was a delightful, informative lunch with two interesting Charleston residents. Also spotted at SNOB for lunch were: Lou Hammond, Dick Elliott, John Winthrop, David Spell, Mitchell Crosby, Kitty Robinson, Barbara Fredericks, Ann Alstock, Megan Lawson Holmes and Rachel Phillips.

Charleston, A Good Life, co-authored by photographer, Ben Gately Williams, and writer/editor, Ned Brown, is a book profiling “interesting Charlestonians (old and newer), doing interesting things in a wonderful place.” The book will be released in latter 2016. Charleston, A Good Life,  will tell the story of why Charleston is a special place through over 50 environmental portraits of individuals, the first book about Charleston of its kind. What we are doing with the Charleston, A Good Life blog is telling you a bit about the people we are profiling, and other Charleston topics of interest.

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